Adam Quirk’s Diverse Criminal Justice Career

July 19, 2017
Whereas many people like to refer to Adam Quirk as an accomplished and experienced criminal justice professional, he would really like people to know there is a lot more to it. Adam Quirk has a reputation for being very forward-thinking, to the point that he has become highly trained in the use of many newer technologies in a way that allows him to identify and pinpoint the locations of criminal suspects. In fact, he has become such an expert on cellular phone tracking, call detail record analysis, and radio frequency technology that he is often asked to testify in state and federal courts as a cellular technology expert in federal and state courts.

Adam Quirk
His career is very diverse, to say the least. Early in his career, Adam Quirk performed thousands of in-person interviews of potential Air Marshal candidates as a part of his duties and received praise from his bosses for his exceptional completion rate in a division that was one of the best in the country. In short, it means Adam Quirk played a significant role in staffing to ranks of people who were assigned to keep the nation safe.

Later on, in 2004, Adam Quirk started working with the Drug Enforcement Administration as an investigator in the drug diversion realm. There, he worked on teams looking into the diversion of controlled substances, which means drugs that were supposed to go to pharmacies, hospitals or other legal sellers were stolen by drug dealers before they arrived. He’s so skilled at investigation, that Adam Quirk is often chosen to be a team leader for many long-term investigations.

Bio: Adam Quirk, Criminal Justice Specialist

April 12, 2017
It’s not an exaggeration, really. It is true that Adam Quirk has investigated almost everything imaginable, including multi-jurisdictional and complex drug and violent crimes. One reason he has been successful is because Adam tends to be a very forward-thinking person, which is very important to a criminal justice career because the field is constantly changing. Adam Quirk has made a point of making sure he is properly trained with a number of emerging technologies, especially those designed to pinpoint locations and identify suspects.

Among Adam Quirk’s specialties include the areas of cellular phone tracking, call detail record analysis, and radio frequency technology. He has become so skilled in these technologies that he is qualified to testify as an expert witness in cellular technology. That means he is often called to do so in cases that he is not even a party to. Adam has also executed warrants and conducted thousands of interrogations and screening interviews all over the United States and in federal and state cases.

At one time, Adam Quirk’s specialty was the investigation of financial institution robberies throughout the U.S., but he handled a lot more than that, including homicide investigations, including numerous cold cases. When Adam started working with the Drug Enforcement Administration as a Diversion investigator, he worked on teams that investigated the diversion of controlled substances, which means he investigated cases in which drugs were supposed to go to hospitals, pharmacies, or other legal sellers, but someone took them before they arrived. Because of the investigatory experience he had to date, Adam was often a team leader for many long-term investigations and he conducted numerous security assessments for all sorts of DEA registrants, including manufacturers, distributors and treatment center personnel.